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Roof & Wall Cladding Solutions

Al-Zn Alloy Coated Steel, Pre-painted Galvanized Steel, With or without insulations,
as per the specified requirements, including accessories.


Devashish Infrastructure Private Ltd. is a forward integration venture of Devashish Group. Based on the experience of servicing the requirements of some of the leading companies in the country, Devashish had the opportunity to understand the complexities of customer requirements.

Based on its experience in understanding the challenges in Supply, Installation and Performance of Roofing and Cladding solutions available in the market over the years, technical team at Devashish decided to take up the challenge of designing the Roofing and Cladding system, which will provide some basic advantages to its customers.

    • Very well defined trapezoidal design.
    • Design that ensures sturdiness to withstand pressure.
    • Profile that is elegant and not very complex.
    • Profile that ensures virtually leak-proof system.
    • Basic material which are maintenance-free and long-lasting.
    • Fastening system which can match the international standard.
    • Delivery of Products as per the given commitments.
    • Our latest technology driven machines provide us with optimum capacity utilization, thereby making us producer of cost-effective products. Integrated range of products and services.
    • As a result, Devashish came up to offer its own range of Roofing and Cladding systems which will be offered for its Pre-engineered Building Projects and also offered to its customers for Industrial application. This is first Roll Forming facility in the state of Gujarat.
    • The flagship company of the group, Devashish Interiors Pvt. Ltd. is a leading service provider for Erection of Pre-engineered Buildings and Installation of Roofing and Cladding systems for more than 12 years.
    • As a result, Devashish Group becomes the only group which Manufactures and also undertakes the installation contracts on highly professional terms in the state of Gujarat and one of the very few in the country today.
  • Dev-1K-AZS-B® and Dev-1K-AZS-C® are made from high tensile steel sheets coated with 55 % Aluminium, 43.5 % Zinc and 1.5 % Silicon alloy. This technology is patented by Ms. BIEC International USA, which also owns the trademark of Galvalume. World over, this product has a wide acceptance in Roofing and Cladding applications as it provides a number of advantages over the other options :

    • 1The Base Steel

      The Steel sheets used for the above mentioned products are high tensile 550 mpa and 300 mpa strength steel sheets. This helps in creating a very sturdy profile and has a very high retention of its original shape after being subjected to pressure. Further, the quality of base steel allows freedom to have larger purlin spacing compared to conventional roofing systems.

    • 2Mass Composition

      Galvanizing uses almost pure zinc for coating and Al-Zn-Si Alloy uses 55% Al-Zn alloy, 1.6% Si, balance Zn. Due to this, Al-Zn-Si Alloy is processed at higher bath temp (as compared to galvanizing), due to higher melting point of Al-Zn-Si alloy.

    • 3Coating Thickness Advantage In Al-Zn-Si Alloy Material

      Density of Al-Zn-Si Alloy is 3.75 gms/cm3, and the density of galvanized metal is 7.14 gms/cm3. Due to this density difference, Al-Zn-Si Alloy coating mass gives higher coating in microns as compared to the same coating mass in Galvanized product.

      For e.g: 150 gms of Al-Zn-Si Alloy gives 40 micron coating thickness and Galvanized material for 150 GSM gives 21 micron coating thickness. In other words, Al-Zn-Si Alloy coating gives 52.5% more coating thickness than galvanized coating for the same GSM.

    • 4Al-Zn-Si Alloy Microstructure

      Al-Zn-Si Alloy coating has unique micro-structure consisting of 2 layers i.e.an Al-Zn overlay coating and a Fe containing intermetallic /alloy layer. Alloy layer forms at the interface between the coating and steel substrate. Due to this, Al-Zn-Si Alloy combines the Galvanic corrosion protection of Zn with the barrier protection of Aluminum as compared to only Galvanic protection in galvanized metal.

    • 5Al-Zn-Si Alloy Corrosion Resistance Mechanism

      In case of Corrosive environmental conditions, the Zn rich interdendritic portion of the coating corrodes preferentially. As this occurs, Zn being sacrificial to steel, serves to galvanically protect the steel substrate. As the Zn portion of the coating is gradually corroded, the interdendritic interstices are filled with Zn corrosion products. The coating is transformed into a composite comprised of an Aluminium rich matrix locking Zn corrosion products to offer a physical barrier and act as corrosion inhibitors.

    • 6Superior Heat Reflectivity

      Presence of Al phase, bright surface and fine spangles- enhances superior heat reflectivity. This results into ideal cool roof for hot climates–resulting into cooler buildings/reduced air conditioning costs. Al-Zn-Si Alloy has excellent heat reflectivity, up to operating temperatures of about 315°C (600°F). This heat reflectivity makes a building cooler inside on hot, sunny days.

    • 7High Temperature Performance

      Al-Zn-Si Alloy steel resists intermediate and high temperatures far more effectively than galvanized steel. Specifically, Al-Zn-Si Alloy steel shows no discoloration up to 315°C (600°F) during continuous or intermittent exposure over a prolonged period. Above this temperature, some discoloration does occur and roughening of the surface is possible. Neither this discoloration nor roughening reduces Al-Zn-Si Alloy resistance to rust. Al-Zn-Si Alloy maintains its rust-resistance up to 675°C (1250°F).

    • 8Superior Abrasion Resistance

      Al-Zn-Si Alloy is twice as hard as Zinc coating. Measurement in Vickers hardness in the coating:-
      -Al-Zn-Si Alloy Coating hardness is 140 Hv 0.5 Kg
      -Zinc Coating hardness is 70 Hv 0.5 Kg

    • 9Excellent Improved Formability

      Al-Zn-Si Alloy in acrylic coated condition results in built – in roll forming lubricant. This has ability to suppress galling on the metallic coating during cold profiling/ forming thus giving improved roll forming without the use of supplemental lubricants. This results in less roll form build up, less damage to coating and minimum pick up on rolls. This improves resistance to hand & finger marking, improves resistance to differential darkening & finally higher quality appearance.

    • 10Excellent Salt Spray Life

      Salt spray laboratory results as per ASTM-B-117 gives more than 1000 HRS (in acrylic coated) for white rust corrosion resistance as compared to 72 HRS corrosion resistance in chromated Galvanized material.

      While zinc coated steel becomes dark grey during ageing, Al-Zn-Si Alloy ages very well and virtually remains same because of its main ingredient Aluminium which forms fine surface layer of invisible oxide and maintains a pleasing appearance with distinctive white metallic sparkle.

    • 11International Standard Of Accessories

      Devashish uses the International standard of Class III Salt Spray tested Self Drilling Fastners with integrated EPDM Washers to ensure maintenance-free and corrosion-free leak-proof Roofing and Cladding systems.

      Dev-1K-Z-C® - A 240 mpa steel sheet Galvanised as per IS-277 duly pre-painted.
      The above mentioned profile is also available in Pre-painted Galvanised Iron Steel sheets of 240 mpa strength.

      Product Total Coated Thickness
      (TCT in mm)
      Approx. Mass/m2
      Approx. Coverage
      (m2/metric ton)
      Dev-1K-ZAS-B® 0.47 4.11 243
      Dev-1K-ZAS-C® 0.50 4.25 235
      Dev-1K-Z-C® 0.50 4.51 222
  • List Of Standard Roofing And Cladding Accessories

    • Cladding Accessories
      Ridge Cap
      Ridge Trim
    • Corner Flashing
      Gable Trim
      Eaves Gutter
    • Valley Gutter
      Door/Window Flashings
      Crimp Surved Flashing

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