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Day Light Solutions

U. V. Protective Day Light Panels to increase natural light
and provide aesthetic appearance.


Devashish offer's Branded Polycarbonate & Frp Sheets With 99.99% Uv Protection For Better Lighting For Industrial Needs. These Sheets Converts Direct Sun Light Into Diffused Light, Spreading Uniformly Over Larger Area, thus Reducing Heat And Minimising Power Consumption. These Sheets Comes With The Warranty.

Devashish imports directly the FRP sheets in "Clear & Opal" shade, meeting stringent pollutionnorms and conforming to human safety standards from one of the World leaders in manufacturing several roofing products.

This product is made up of a resin system of an advanced general purpose grade "Orthophthalic" polyster and is coated with "Melinex" A15 improved UV protection surface coating system developed by DuPont Teijin containing UV inhibitors and is of 20 micron nominal thickness.

    • Hail resistant and weather proof.
    • Easy to install and fabricate.- Cutting to size can be done with commercially available tools. Further processing by cold-curving or thermoforming possible.
    • Lightweight due to the hollow sheet structure. Further economy can be achieved by reduction in weight of supporting structures.
    • Excellent Thermal Insulation properties. Extremely weather-resistant. The permanent UV-protective layer durably protects the sheets from weather degradation due to the ultraviolet radiation of the sun.
    • Skylight Domes & Atria
    • Industrial Skylights & North Light Glazing
    • Covered Walkways
    • Car Parking / Two Wheeler Parking Shelters
    • Porches & Entrance Canopies
    • Vertical Day-light Panels & Internal Partitions
    • Swimming Pool Covering
    • Stadium Roof
  • Carefully read all instructions before your start :

    • Always exercise extreme care when working on a roof.
    • Use walking boards along purlins.
    • Never walk directly on the sheeting.
    • Always wear eye protection when cutting tools
    • We do not recommend the collection of drinking water from any roof without appropriate precautions and filtration.
    • Please consult with one of our representatives should you require assistance with technical data.

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