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Devashish Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. is a part of Devashish Group of companies. The group is based at Vadodara, the centre of industrial activities in the bustling and exponentially growing state of Gujarat.

The group started its venture into industrial infrastructure in the year 1996. Ever since then, the requisite combination of Technical knowledge, competitive pricing and service back-up has elevated the name of Devashish as a valued service provider in the state and all over the country serving leading industrial houses.

Devashish Infrastructure excels in establishing and conceiving Pre-engineered Buildings, Roofing and Cladding solutions, Metal Sheeting, Industrial Ventilation systems, Industrial Day Light Solutions and Steel Building accessories.


To be identified as a complete infrastructure solutions providing professional company by forward and backward integration to the current business portfolio.

Corporate Vision

To provide value added services to the existing clientele and expand the same to new set of large customers to cross Rs. 750 million mark by 2010 and create a team of highly qualified and high performing professionals.

Quality Policy

  • We are committed to provide international quality of complete infrastructure solutions to our customers in their desired time frame at most competitive pricing to ensure customer delight.
  • We shall set highest standard of occupational safety and preservation of environment during the performance of our tasks.
  • We shall invest in the training and skill development of our employees to achieve the above quality objectives.
  • Over a decade of experience in Infrastructure business.
  • Practical know how to execute technically challenging jobs.
  • Team of high performing employees working for more than five years in single line of activities.
  • Rich blend of Technical, Project Management and Marketing experience at the management level.
  • Experience of handling multi-activity jobs in a given time frame.
  • Ability to connect at local levels to conclude businesses.
  • High goodwill amongst Large Organizations helping repeat business expansions.

Our Services / What Makes Us What We Are

  • Pre-engineered Building

    Pre-engineered Steel Buildings are designed to suit specific customer requirements. Upon designing and finalizing the requirements, the Primary and Secondary structures are factory-prepared and are assembled at site.

    The concept is a huge success story in U.S., Europe and has made inroads into Indian markets less than a decade back.

    Most of the Industrial units coming up today are Pre-engineered Steel Buildings.

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  • Roofing & Cladding Solutions

    Based on its experience in understanding the challenges in Supply, Installation and Performance of Roofing and Cladding solutions available in the market over the years, technical team at Devashish decided to take up the challenge of designing the Roofing and Cladding system, which will provide some basic advantages to its customers.

    Devashish came up to offer its own range of Roofing and Cladding systems which will be offered for its Pre-engineered Building Projects and also offered to its customers for Industrial application.

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  • Daylight Solutions

    Devashish offers Day Light Solutions in FRP as well as Polycarbonate options as per the preference of the customers.

    Devashish offer's Branded Polycarbonate & Frp Sheets With 99.99% Uv Protection For Better Lighting For Industrial Needs. These Sheets Converts Direct Sun Light Into Diffused Light, Spreading Uniformly Over Larger Area, thus Reducing Heat And Minimising Power Consumption. These Sheets Comes With The Warranty.

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  • Air Ventillator Solutions

    Industrial Ventilation is becoming a point of major concern for most manufacturing workplaces and factories due to the generation of process heat, toxic fumes, gases and vapours during the production process or due to atmospheric adversity.

    This not only affects the productivity of the work force working in the premises but can also adversely affect their health in the long run.

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  • Pre-engineered Building
  • Roofing & Cladding Solutions
  • Daylight Solutions
  • Industrial Ventilators

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